Salizada San Antonin 3499, 30122 Venezia (Castello), Italia +39.041.5220861


Our mission is to serve fresh fish and high quality products; the menu can vary according to the catch of the day and seasonality of the ingredients which are daily prepared with love and creativity by our Chef


Raw fishes of the day 34
The Classic venetian (pickled sardines and baccalà mantecato) 26
Local clams on black garlic potatoes sauce and miso and lemongrass broth 26
Local calamari on Mole and ink sauce with black cabbage 26
Sliced veal with tuna sauce and Salina capers 26


Risotto of Go 27
Spaghetto cremead with smoked butter, anchovies and burned onions bread 26
Grilled oubergines tortelli with raw cuttle fish on caciucco sauce 26
Gnocchi with duck ragout, fondue of herbal cheese and Tropea onions sauce 26


Fish of the day on Jerusalem artichoke sauce and green asparagous 34
Red mullet with friggitelli a la Conza and sardines Garum chicory 34
Grilled Monk fish with satay sauce and “botoi” artichokes from Sant’Erasmo 34
Braised veal cheek in red wine sauce 32


“El Vovo” 12
Suggested pairing wine, Vin Santo – Toscana 7

Matcha mascarpone tart with peaches and chocolate caviar 12
Suggested pairing wine, Turbiana – Lombardia 10

Buffalo ricotta cream, lavender crumble, dates and green apple sauce 10
Suggested pairing wine, Malvasia Isola di Salina – Sicilia 14

Coconuts foam, meringue, marinated pineapple and its sorbet 10
Suggested pairing wine, Moscato dolce – Piemonte 7

Served with Papà recipies marmelade and home made brioche.
Suggested pairing wine, Recioto della Valpolicella – Veneto 12