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Dalla passione per l’accoglienza, maturata lavorando nei migliori hotel europei, Gianfranco Gasparini rileva l’Hostaria da Franz nel 1984. Trascorsi quasi 30 anni ai Giardini della Biennale, la famiglia Gasparini trasferisce il ristorante in zona Arsenale, più vicino al cuore della città pur mantenendosi fuori dai flussi turistici in un angolo defilato ma facilmente raggiungibile. L’Hostaria da Franz negli anni è diventato uno dei locali più apprezzati della città, un angolo di rara suggestione segnalato dalle più rinomate guide gastronomiche Nazionali ed Internazionali, amato e frequentato da molte celebrità in visita nella città lagunare.
Maurizio Gasparini, ha ereditato dal padre la passione per la tradizione e la storia di questa magnifica città e delle sue isole ed oggi, tra i pochi tavoli (solamente 36 i posti a sedere) intrattiene e coinvolge gli appassionati della buona cucina e del buon bere.

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In Castello, the Hostaria da Franz a family-run trattoria, takes pride in its unusual variations on traditional Venetian fare. Especially good are the antipasti, which include capesante, shrimp with capers, and moscardini with balsamic vinegar.


L’un des meilleurs restaurants de poissons de Venise, l’une des meilleures caves de vins italiens et l’une des plus belles clientèles d’habitués. Rien de plus à ajouter pour cette osteria respectant rigoureusement la tradition culinaire vénitienne. Coup de cœur : les spaghettis aux crevettes et les exquises anguilles grillées.
Rêver de visiter la Sérénissime sans ses 25 millions de touristes annuels, c’est un peu comme l’imaginer sans sa lagune. Pourtant, la belle recèle tant de secrets d’initiés… à découvrir le temps d’un week-end à contre-courant.

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The high-end Hostaria da Franz, not far from the famous St. Mark’s Square, has become a Venetian institution. Its establishment reflects the city’s history of travel and international relations; it was opened by Franz Habeler, a young Austro-Hungarian army soldier who came to Venice more than 200 years ago, and for the past three decades has been run by the Gasparini family. Celebrating Venetian cuisine remains the core of the operation.

“Our menu always consists of local recipes,” says Maurizio Gasparini, owner. “I visit the fish market every day. When my father took over the restaurant 30 years ago, he was the chef, and he still supervises the purchases from the fishmongers.” The Rialto market overflows with catches of the day, from tiny snails called bovoleti to turbot.

The restaurant caters to international visitors as much as locals. “It’s true, and we try to decide on a menu that can satisfy all,” he says. “It’s not always easy to find tastes that suit all the people.” But Gasparini believes that by staying true to their Venetian roots and offering guests a truly exceptional experience, diners will welcome the chance to perhaps try something a little different.

“We are used to having famous actors and politicians dine with us, so we are used to paying attention to customers. Tradition is very important, but to be successful, you also need to know how to treat customers,” he says.

The restaurant does not advertise its menu online, as it changes on a regular basis, depending on what is available at the market. On a typical day, the menu might contain six to eight appetizers, five to six entrées and a choice of pasta dish.

“For starters at the moment, I might recommend the ‘sarde in soar’ – an old Jewish recipe of deep-fried sardines placed in a marinade of vinegar, onions and raisins,” says Gasparini. “This takes four to five days before to serve. This is a very special plate, as it’s part of our cultural history.” Another famous appetizer would be baccala, dried and salted cod that in Venice is prepared with milk. A popular snack is the small local octopus, prepared in a wine soup.

Then there is the pasta course. “A typical Venetian plate would be ‘bigoli in salsa,’ consisting of anchovies, onions, olive oil. We also have casarecci — homemade pasta flavored with orange peel and served with sea scallops.”

The entrées always feature all four cooking styles. “This is a fish restaurant,” says Gasparini. “So we have grilled, salted, fried and oven-baked. Our grilled dish at the moment is saltwater eel, while we also offer sea bream and thyme fried in tempura. Rombo (turbot) is breaded with bacon lard and cooked in the oven, while we also have a sea bass, marinated in orange and lemon juice and served in olive oil.”


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It’s off the beaten track, where the Venetians live. The restaurant is in Castello, with washing hanging everywhere! The food and service is impeccable. Had a really long Sunday lunch.


De muy buen nivel: pescados del Adriático verdaderos, risotto de ostras, gnocchi con espinacas y gambas y magníficos vinos de Friuli-Venezia-Giulia como el blanco de uva ribolla gialla, una rareza autóctona.


Hostaria da Franz takes its name from Franz Habeler, a young Austro-Hungarian army soldier who adoptedVeniceas his home and turned what was once a rope shop into his business, serving fish and wine he bought from local farmers and fishermen. Today, Hostaria da Franz has become one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Venice, signaled by the best gastronomical guides, where chef Gianfranco and his son Maurizio prepare delicious freed seafood delicacies.


Nel sestiere di Castello, fuori delle rotte turistiche, recentemente riaperto, un ristorante classico di atmofera rustica, gestione familiare, con specialità di mare. L’Hostaria Da Franz propone un’ottima cucina tradizionale veneziana. Da provare assolutamente magari la sera, al lume di candela. Gianfranco, “Franz” per tutti, propone le freschezze della Laguna nella più rigorosa tradizione veneziana abbinando alternative di ricercata creatività. Da provare gli spaghettini con gli scampi e l’anguilla alla griglia.

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Das Hostaria da Franz ist ein bescheiden erscheinendes Lokal mit gutem Essen. Das Lokal wurde in Venedig und der ganzen Welt bekannt. Als eines der besten Restaurants für Meeresfrüchte ist es in zahlreichen Speiseführen und gastronomischen Fachzeitschriften aufgeführt. Seine warmen und eleganten Räumlichkeiten bieten Platz für bis zu 40 Gäste.

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This restaurant serves possibly the best sea food in town.


For good seafood, he says to try Hostaria da Franz, which serves a great baby octopus prepared in balsamic vinegar.

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ne of Venice ‘s best restaurants, Hosteria da Franz.This was a highlight meal, starting with the wine, a dry Prosecco (a traditional Venetian sparkling wine) and a large bottle of water followed by a very traditional dish, sardines soar, which is essentially pickled sardines served with sauteed onions. It tastes much better than it sounds. DW had a mixed carpaccio plate of sea bass, tuna, and swordfish. Then we each had pastas made fresh in-house – spaghetti Busara, with local shrimp caught that morning for DW; and pappardelle with scallops for me. We had coffee and shared an amazing panna cotta for dessert, and left with smiles on our faces.


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Hostaria da Franz – this one is totally off the beaten path- but worth the trip- on a very “real” area of Venice where actual Venetians actually live…. Have a great time!

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Hostaria Da Franz – элегантный ресторан с романтической атмосферой, рыбная венецианская кухня Режим работы: закрыт во вторник, весь январь.

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Esistono poi dei posti un po’ defilati come la zona di Castello, dove però potete trovare Franz, un ristorante eccellente, specializzato in pesce e primizie.


La Osteria da Franz, donde están a punto de tener un buen restaurante, por el momento utilizan un buen producto en platos simples donde lo cuidan con un servicio que si te descuidas te tima.